New vProtect Release Adds EC2 support, Loads of Proxmox Updates, and More Goodies

Catalogic 04/30/2019 0 Comments

The developers at Storware never rest on their laurels. The latest release of vProtect – v 3.8, code named Nebula — comes chock-full of cool new features and updates. vProtect is a backup and snapshot-management tool for open VMs/containers that works stand-alone or integrated with legacy backup software. If you’re not familiar with open VM backups, check out our three-minute vProtect video.

A big new addition to vProtect is support for Amazon EC2. The 3.8 release provides full backup with disk-exclusion support for any EC2-based VMs. You also get file-level restore and EC2 snapshot management.

Proxmox users are in for a treat as Nebula really beefs up the Proxmox feature set. Among the new capabilities for Proxmox environments:

  • File-level restores with mountable backups
  • Proxmox snapshot management (scheduling and retention for hypervisor snapshots)
  • Disk-exclusion on backups
  • Pre- and post-snapshot remote command execution

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) users now have the option to choose sparse or pre-allocated formats during VM restores. File restores are made easier with direct file browse and restore in the software UI. Google Cloud is now supported as a backup tier. And there’s a lot more!

Visit our vProtect product page for more details on vProtect software. Also, if you’re attending Red Hat Summit 2019 be sure to visit us in Booth #1135, where we’ll have live demos to show you.

The best way to check out vProtect is to try it for yourself. We’ve got a free 30-day trial copy you can download. Or, if you prefer a more detailed look before you test it, sign up for an on-line demo with one of our technical experts.

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