It’s like Uber for your Data Copies: New ECX 2.6 Release

Catalogic 04/19/2017 0 Comments

We live in a service-oriented world. Think about it: the world’s largest taxi company, Uber, doesn’t own any cars. And the world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, doesn’t own any real estate.  But what both companies do is provide you access to a service when you need it, in an easy and self-service way. Someone already owns the cars and buildings, so there is no need to purchase new infrastructure. The technology works with what’s there and makes it useable.

This is precisely the approach we bring to Copy Data Management (CDM). Your storage, application and data infrastructures already exist; what’s needed is the ability to deliver copy services on top of the infrastructure. And this is precisely what Catalogic’s in-place approach to copy data management delivers. Services, not yet another hardware stack.  (For a detailed comparison of in-place CDM with the alternate, out-of-band approach, please see our earlier blog.)

When it comes to data, the most critical information tends to live in application database environments, and that’s why our latest release, Catalogic ECX 2.6, is focused on expanding our support footprint into new workloads.

Microsoft SQL Server on Physical Hosts

We originally released SQL-aware CDM last year in our ECX 2.5 release, but that support was for MS SQL on VMware. But a lot of users are still running SQL on physical hosts, so we’ve expanded our support. Like we did with our Oracle integration, our SQL physical support is agentless. You never need to worry about installing and – worst of all – patching and updating agent code. Everything is done via run-time code injection, so the code is always the most up to date, and always lightweight (remember, we’re using the storage array to take the copy, not asking the host to do the heavy lifting like other solutions).

InterSystems Caché and Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR)

We’re super excited about this new coverage, as are our partners. This expands Catalogic into the very large field of health care software, which is particularly in need of rapid recovery use cases, as well as easier Dev-Test setups. And by supporting the InterSystems Caché database we can support applications beyond Epic EHR, as Caché is a big, honkin’ database used for many critical business scenarios.


SAP is one of the biggest applications in the world, and its future is SAP HANA. This new support really helps our storage hardware partners deliver high-value protection and recovery use cases for their expanding SAP HANA footprints.

There are plenty of other cool updates in this release. You can find them all here in the What’s New document. One of the other new features is a jazzed-up user interface. We’re hard at work right now putting together a whole slew of demo videos using the new software, so watch our website and the Resources page over the next couple of weeks for these new demo videos that will show you just how simple it is to bring Uber-like service to your storage and application environments.

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