Modernize and Transform Your IT

Catalogic 06/07/2016 0 Comments

Why the focus on storage? Well, first of all because storage copy management is what we do! But it’s more than that. Storage is at the center of everything in the data center, and that’s where you have to start to begin the kind of modernization IT organizations are looking for.

EMC understood this quite well during EMC World and went full steam ahead with their own copy data management (CDM) announcements. We’ve mentioned before how we welcome EMC’s move into the space and how they’ve essentially taken the same approach Catalogic started with years ago: doing in-place CDM on your existing storage infrastructure.

Notice the word storage again. Unlike other CDM approaches that shift your data to an additional hardware stack, the in-place approach functions off a simple principle: you’ve already bought and paid for your storage, and that storage has really good copy features (snapshots, replication). Why bring in an entirely new stack when you can use what you already have?

The problem with the storage, though, is that it lacks the kind of comprehensive features needed for IT modernization: things like automation, user self-service, cloud enablement, usable APIs and so forth. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about in our webinars; how to bring precisely these capabilities to the IBM and NetApp storage you already own.

Think of it this way. You know how you can go to Amazon or Azure or other such cloudy places and do a few clicks and voila! You’ve spun up a workload. Well by combining your current storage with Catalogic ECX, you can essentially do the same thing, and you can do it on your existing system-of-record data. That’s what we mean by modernization.

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