Meet our New Technology Partner, Storware

Catalogic 06/04/2018 0 Comments

Today Catalogic announced that we’ve entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Storware, Inc., a Polish software company that creates some really impressive data protection products. We think this is a great fit for our two organizations, and we’re looking forward to doing some really cool things together.

In the short term, Catalogic will be delivering two Storware products into the North American market.

vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments such as Nutanix, Citrix, RedHat and more. While the data protection space is completely crowded with vendors offering solutions for VMware and Hyper-V, the Open VM landscape is underserved.  But hypervisors that aren’t one of the “Big Two” are growing rapidly, and users are putting vital workloads on them. These systems need to be protected.

KODO provides data protection and file sharing for endpoints and SaaS platforms. It takes on the long-standing challenge of protecting laptop data and extends that out to mobile devices like tablets and phones.  More and more, mobile workers are abandoning traditional compute platforms and doing everything on their tablets and phones. Content is not just read on the go now, it’s created on the go. Vast amounts of critical organizational data are riding in your pocket, and way too many organizations still haven’t tackled the challenge of protecting that data.

KODO is also taking on SaaS platforms. We’re starting by offering coverage for Microsoft Office 365 and the documents contained in OneDrive, but that’s just the beginning. Lots more to come in this space.

We’re really excited to be bringing these products to market. They are both built with modern components, have very easy and intuitive “app-like” interfaces, and come with REST APIs built from the ground up.

But this is more than a distribution agreement. When we first met the folks at Storware it was immediately apparently that our two organizations had a great cultural fit, and a shared vision of the technology landscape. As a result, Catalogic decided to go beyond a product agreement and we invested into Storware as a company. This gives us a shared future together, and we’re already busy planning how we can bring our individual strengths together to drive a one-plus-one-equals-three outcome.

We’ll have a lot more to say about these products in future blogs.

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