Meet our New Technology Partner, ProLion

Catalogic 03/12/2019 0 Comments

Today Catalogic announced that we’ve entered a strategic partnership with ProLion, an Austrian software company specializing in tools for NetApp environments. This is a perfect fit for us, considering Catalogic’s long (over 20 year) history of working with NetApp technology and NetApp partners.

The ProLion tools take on key challenges for NetApp file administrators around ransomware, file indexing and reporting. Here’s a quick summary of each product, with links to more information.

  • CryptoSpike provides ransomware detection and prevention for NetApp file environments. Using a combination of technologies, CryptoSpike protects file shares from ransomware, and allows administrators to easily recover data held at a ransom by integrating with NetApp snapshots for simple, push-button recovery. Ransomware is the number one security concern at many organizations, and this tool is very timely.
  • RestoreManager is a scalable file index that enables easy file search and restore for NetApp file data. With RestoreManager, the IT department has an easy answer to the user who asks, “Where did my file go?” Featuring a range of different search and filtering options, RestoreManager lets you quickly recover files from any indexed snapshot, SnapVault or SnapMirror copy.
  • DataAnalyzer provides high performance data analysis for NetApp file environments. Intuitive reports offer insights into file data, such as storage consumption by file type, age and owner. A key benefit of DataAnalyzer is that it lets you identify old, stale and no longer needed data that you can either delete or archive off into tape or cloud (we can help with that too). Some users have recovered as much as 80% of their file storage space! We can’t guarantee that kind of outcome, of course, but many organizations are surprised at just how much of their file storage is consumed by outdated data.

Licensing for all these products is simple. They are licensed per-controller, with no limits on number of files, amount of storage space, etc. Can’t get easier than that.

We’ll have further blogs coming up going into details about each of these solutions. Meanwhile, we’d be happy to set up a demo for you, or even get you a 30-day trial copy of any or all of these products.

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