Manage the Database Madness with Pure Storage and Catalogic

Catalogic 01/20/2017 0 Comments

Are your databases driving you crazy? You’re not alone. Many IT organizations are suffering the same pains around creating and distributing copies of databases to data-hungry consumers. If you’re involved with your organization’s IT infrastructure, you probably know the people I’m talking about:

  • The Impatient Developer, always demanding another copy of Oracle and saying there’s no way to finish the project without proper data.
  • The Testy QA Tester (yes, the Testy Tester), who complains – not unfairly – that you can’t properly test a system using fake data, so gimme some real data!
  • The Angry Analyst, who constantly reminds you that old data yields old results and old results mean we’re losing to our competitors.

This is just a sampling. But they all have very valid points. These are people working to move the business or organization forward, and soon is never soon enough in today’s mobile, Internety world, so they are constantly demanding access to fresh copies of data. But IT wasn’t designed to give you things NOW. It was designed to give you things that were reliable, secure, and scalable.

What to do?

Well, this is precisely the challenge that Catalogic set out to solve, by providing cloud-like ease to your data center infrastructure. Need to get the Angry Analyst a copy of Oracle or SQL data? How about by just pushing a button? Or how about scheduling it to happen every day, so a nice juicy pile of current data is ready to analyze each morning, without you doing a thing?  Or how about giving the Analyst a self-service portal to go get data copies whenever needed?

Yes, this is all possible. Now combine this with the power of Pure Storage, which gives you super-high performance, zero-footprint data clones, and suddenly the Angry Analyst is the Excited Explicator, firing off new insights left and right and making the suits happy.

Interested in learning more? Glad you asked! We recently participated in a webinar featuring Alex Infanzon, Applications Solution Manager at Pure Storage and major application guru, and our own Prashant Jagannathan, Technical Manager at Catalogic, who knows all there is to know about managing your Pure Storage snapshot environment (and replication too, while we’re at it).

Join us and learn how you can stop the database madness and make the Impatient Developer, the Testy Tester, and the Angry Analyst happy as can be.

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