Latest vProtect Release Adds OpenStack support, Updates for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VMs, plus more!

Catalogic 11/03/2019 0 Comments
The latest update of vProtect brings new features to the Nebula release, first announced in April of this year. The new code drop, v 3.8.1, is available immediately and has a lot of nice additions.

The big-ticket item is the first vProtect support for OpenStack. It comes with both full and incremental backup support, plus file-level restores. This release works with KVM virtual machines using QCOW2 disks.

Users of Oracle Virtualization now have the option to exclude individual disks from VM backup. This seemingly simple feature can be a huge help in backup environments since it lets you skip backing up a lot of data you don’t really need.

If you’re using Red Hat Virtualization or oVirt, vProtect now adds a third backup method. Using direct SSH transfer from the hypervisor, vProtect backups are now significantly faster.

Add in a bunch of UI improvements and you’ve got another great release from the folks at Storware. These guys have really taken the lead on backup for open system hypervisors.

You can get the full list of supported hypervisors on the vProtect product page, along with links to data sheets, demo videos, etc.

The best way to check out vProtect is to try it for yourself. We’ve got a free 30-day trial copy you can take for a test drive. Or, if you prefer a more detailed look before you test it, sign up for an on-line demo with one of our technical experts and we’ll walk you through the software, allowing you to discuss how you would want it to work in your environment.

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