Latest vProtect Release Adds Kubernetes, Hypervisor Snapshot Management, More

Catalogic 11/15/2018 0 Comments

It was only three months ago that I blogged about the new vProtect release. And now it’s time for another one! Hot from the developers’ keyboards comes vProtect v 3.7, the Multiverse release. Why Multiverse? Because it’s opening up new worlds.

For starters, a big new thing is the addition of support for Kubernetes. Now with vProtect you can back up persistent volumes on your Kubernetes Deployments. For a bit more technical detail, check out this two-minute whiteboard video. With this initial release, only full backups are supported, and Pods need to be paused during backup. But this is just the start of a lot more to come on the container front.

One of my favorite new features in the release is the addition of hypervisor snapshot management. Now for VMs running on KVM, RedHat Virtualization and Citrix Xen, you can manage the hypervisor snaps, which means setting snapshot schedules and retention times in vProtect. These are not backups, but snapshots made on the hypervisor level. And this is in addition to the regular backups that vProtect supports. So you get a short-term protection option with fast restore/revert using the snaps, plus a longer-term backup to a separate target device, all managed in one place. Nice!

Some of the other new features are bringing incremental backups to the KVM universe, adding tag support for Oracle VMs (as in apply a backup policy to a VM based on a tag), and automatic protection of the vProtect database.

vProtect continues to add great new features in support of the open hypervisor market space that many other backup vendors have neglected for too long. For more information, visit our vProtect page, where you can click on the “Request a Demo” button to schedule a one-on-one product demonstration, or to request trial software so you can run it yourself. You can also watch a webinar version of this blog.

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