It Ain’t Just IOPS: Why All-Flash Alone Isn’t Enough

Catalogic 04/19/2016 0 Comments

Nobody disputes the IOPs power of all flash storage arrays compared to hard disk drives. This interesting comparison showed that across multiple configurations, IOPS on flash was as much as 80 times greater.

EIGHTY times! Imagine if you could drive your car 80 times faster than the speed limit: you’d be doing about 4,500 m.p.h.  That’s pretty crazy (and the sonic boom that would result would annoy the neighbors). With such performance, it’s no wonder flash is rolling into data centers at ever increasing rates.

And while flash arrays can be costly on a per-GB basis, the actual cost of use can be a lot lower. One reason goes back to IOPS: you can do more with less. In the hard disk drive world, performance constraints mean that organizations can’t drive a lot of workloads off of a single snapshot. You just don’t have the IOPS. So you end up cloning volumes to put workloads on fresh spindles, and that means you make copies, and that means you suddenly have 3x, 5x, 10x or more copies of your data floating around. Very messy. And this is why the copy data management space was born.

And it’s no different with flash. Copy data management (CDM) is about creating, using, updating and deleting copies in ways that are automated, programmable, template-based and access controlled. Creating the copy is just the first step, and that’s much easier with a CDM solution like Catalogic ECX because it’s just a few clicks to set up local and remote copies (snaps and replicas). From there, we let you make use of the data, and this is what drives key use cases like disaster recovery (which we automate), simpler Test/Dev provisioning (which we automate), and integrated DevOps provisioning (which we automate). You may have noticed I used the word “automate” a few times there. It’s where all things IT are going.

If you’d like to know more about how copy data management can drive your all-flash systems, and learn about a great all-flash array at the same time – I’m talking about the IBM FlashSystem® V9000– then view our webinar replay.  We were joined by Philip Clark of the IBM FlashSystem team who gave a great overview of the V9000 array, as well as our own demo master Elias Pinto at the ECX controls. Yours truly spoke about use cases and somehow brought in the Makin’ Copies guy from Saturday Night Live!

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