ECX Copy Data Management for HPE Nimble Storage Now Available

At Catalogic Software, we pride ourselves on our innovative copy data management capabilities and enjoy being at the forefront of technology innovation in this space. We are proud to announce that Catalogic ECX will now support the following HPE Nimble Storage systems:

  • The full line of HPE Nimble All Flash systems: AF20, AF20Q, AF40, AF60, and AF80
  • HPE Nimble Hybrid Arrays systems: HF20, HF20C, HF20H, HF40, HF40C, HF60, and HF60C

We were inspired by the recent announcement of the intelligent enhancements HPE Nimble Storage are introducing via AI-driven, self-healing, and self-optimized systems that deliver real-time autonomous operations in HPE NimbleOS 5.2. HPE Nimble Storage is a leader in the primary storage market and over the past decade, has enabled many customers to successfully modernize their storage. At Catalogic, we recognize the significant value HPE Nimble Storage brings to the primary storage market. That’s why we have chosen to support HPE Nimble Storage via Catalogic ECX.

Catalogic ECX will enable HPE Nimble Storage customers to further modernize existing IT operations by providing automation, user self-service and API-based operations without the need for any additional hardware. Our licensing model is unique because it is simple. Unlike other solutions that require complex licensing based on data size, CPU cores, database instances or other metrics subject to continual change and increase, Catalogic uses a simple storage controller-based licensing system. License the HPE Nimble All Flash and Hybrid Arrays controllers you wish to use with Catalogic copy data management, and there will be no concerns about data size or the number of database instances.

HPE Nimble Customers: What Else Can Catalogic ECX Do for You?

With Catalogic ECX, you can orchestrate and automate storage array snapshot, replication, and clone copy processes. This gives you the power, with our application and hypervisor integration for SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA and VMware vSphere, to innovate and make better use of copies. Common use cases for Catalogic ECX include:

  • Automated snapshot management via SLA
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Rapid Recovery for critical databases
  • Automated Test-Dev
  • Automated DevOps
  • Simplification via using a UI and product that dynamically inventories your environment to learn what is being added in the estate
  • Simplified storage management involving no more scripting
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Collecting metadata regarding your storage arrays, databases, file systems and virtual environments to understand potential database, VM sprawl, and what VMs reside where in the environment

We are excited to support HPE Nimble Storage and look forward to starting to work within the HPE Nimble partner and customer community. If you have HPE Nimble Storage and want to learn more, get a no obligation quote, run a proof of concept, or feel free to get in contact with us to quickly provide you with what you are looking for.

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