CryptoSpike – The NetApp Solution for Ransomware

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TThese days we struggle to go 24 hours without a ransomware attack hitting the headlines.
There have been a host of awesome posts recently highlighting the history and cost of Ransomware and what you can do to detect and protect yourself ransomware if you are running file shares on your NetApp:

My 5 key takeaways from those blogs were:

1. Ransomware is a growing threat to every organization on the planet, since cyber-criminals are innovating at a phenomenal pace in this growing ‘industry’.

2. Getting hit and having no strategy to deal with an attack results in data loss, revenue loss, reputational damage, and a big ransom bill.

3. Endpoint and Edge protection does not make you safe. Ensure you have a multi-protection policy.

4. NetApp are well placed to enable recovery with snapshots but having only snapshots available is not a solution.

5. CryptoSpike is the NetApp Solution for proactive Ransomware via FPolicy integration. CryptoSpike has 3,200+ known file types and patterns associated with Ransomware and an AI learner module that will proactively block users if they are behaving abnormally and potentially unknowingly the source of a ransomware outbreaks.

Check out this very informative NetApp Technical Report by Dan Tulledge, detailing how to enable a Data-Centric Zero Trust Model with NetApp and CryptoSpike.

If you want to learn more about CryptoSpike via a 30 minute overview and live demo feel free to get in touch via

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