Copy Data Management Takes Wing Off EMC Announcement. We Have Info!

Catalogic 05/04/2016 0 Comments

Why are we pleased at EMC’s annoucement, you ask? We’re pleased because EMC brought new attention to the technology of CDM and in the process validated points that Catalogic has been making for years now. They even took a similar technical approach of doing CDM on the array – what we’ve been calling “in-place” copy data management — and offered reasons for why it’s better. In an eWeek interview, EMC President of Products and Marketing Jeremy Burton compared eCDM to Actifio, which uses a separate hardware layer, noting:

So architecturally, we’re not dependent on any intermediate layer. It’s going to take a little bit of time to build support for various different storage arrays and so on, but we firmly believe that in order for this to be pervasive, it has to be non-invasive… Non-invasive is a frictionless deployment, and it’s got to be a global view, it can’t just be on-prem.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! In fact, we had the good folks at Storage Switzerland put together thoughts on this topic and we released that as a white paper called Copy Data Management: In-Place vs. Rip and Replace, and you can get it here.

We’re also seeing a lot of talk about the economics of proper copy data management. We’ve got good information on that as well in an excellent analysis by Enterprise Management Associates called Impact Analysis: Copy Data Management. This report provides a great breakdown of the ways CDM can save you budget.

And that’s not the end of the good stuff we have (we’ve been at this for a while!) There’s also a fine report from the folks at IDC, the same analyst group that EMC has been citing in their discussions. We’ve made that report, Solving the Copy Data Problem with In-Place Copy Data Management, available to you at no cost.

If you want a deeper dive on any of this, we have an excellent webinar series you can sign up for, or watch a previously broadcast event.

A final note. In-place CDM works with the storage array, and therefore you have to support the specific command sets of each array. That’s how you make it solid: you don’t put a translation layer in-between. This is what Mr. Burton means by “non-invasive.” Currently, Catalogic supports NetApp ONTAP based systems (including Cloud ONTAP), various IBM systems, and the EMC VNXe line (which eCDM does not support). More EMC support will be announced shortly, so stay tuned. If you’re looking for help managing snapshots and replication – also known as copies! – then look no further than the Catalogic Software ECX product. We can make your storage sing!

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