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Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021 kicked off on May 12-13 as a multi-week event focused on how to accelerate business transformation through a “Modern Data Experience.” The online event venue has a superheroes theme where the various leaders and experts are cast as real-world superheroes as they share key insights, best practices and more throughout the event.


Pure//Accelerate is a 5-week digital event filled with live sessions, on-demand sessions, and offers an opportunity for attendees to win swag by earning points. Points are earned during the event by attending different live and on-demand sessions to redeem swag, including sweatshirts, gift cards, hats, backpacks, a raffle to win a Peloton, and much more!

Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021
As an event sponsor, Catalogic Software offers an on-demand session – Snapshot Automation and Orchestration for App, VM, and Cloud Workloads on Pure – focusing on Catalogic ECX and CloudCasa. View this on-demand session and receive 5,000 points for swag!  We also offer a prerecorded Catalogic ECX demo which you can find on our sponsor showcase, as well as three brochures which offers more information about Catalogic ECX for Pure Storage, how to deploy ECX for Oracle on Pure, and CloudCasa.


Catalogic ECX for Pure Storage is Copy Data Management (CDM) software that provides application-consistent copy automation to manage snapshots, clones, and replicas via SLA policies. ECX dramatically reduces storage waste and IT time spent on copy management and serving business users by modernizing IT processes and enabling key use cases, and does it all without additional hardware.

CloudCasa, a Catalogic Venture, is a scalable and inexpensive backup service for Kubernetes and cloud databases. As a SaaS solution, CloudCasa removes the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing the same level of application-consistent data protection and disaster recovery that more traditional backup solutions provide for server-based applications. With CloudCasa, your IT department doesn’t need to be Kubernetes experts and your DevOps team doesn’t need to be storage or data protection experts in order to protect your Kubernetes clusters and applications. It was built as a cloud native service to support best practices for data protection and recovery for cloud native applications, and to bridge the data management and protection gap between DevOps and IT Operations.


Catalogic has a raffle for a $200 gift card for anyone that visits our sponsor hub page is automatically entered into. If you can’t attend Pure//Accelerate you can still register and enter for a chance to win the $200 gift card. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Catalogic ECX brings copy data management and data mobility to enterprise storage environments from HPE, IBM Storage, NetApp, and Pure Storage. By leveraging storage array snapshot capabilities, ECX modernizes IT process such as automated DevTest, data protection with instant recovery, disaster recovery and offload to cloud.
The Catalogic ECX 2.12 release is now available with several feature enhancements as well as additional support for HPE Nimble, Pure Storage FlashArray, and VMware vSphere. Many of the enhancements are a result of feedback or requests received from some of our largest customers based on their needs and use of the product, including:


  • VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) on Pure Storage support.
  • Pure Storage Pod and ActiveCluster Support.
  • HPE Nimble replication support.
  • Global Preferences in the ECX UI.


VMware vVols on Pure Storage

As VMware makes it easier to have more granular control of virtual machine disks using vVols, Catalogic wanted to make it easier for users to backup those vVols. In this release of ECX, users can now backup all their virtual machines residing on vVol datastores on Pure Storage. ECX can invoke a storage snapshot of each vVol datastore volume and store it in its catalog, enabling:

  • Reuse of your VM on vVol backups for test/dev purposes.
  • Simple backup solution using ECX SLA polices.
  • Restore of individual disks of VMs.

Pure Storage Pod and ActiveCluster

Data that is sitting on Pure Storage pods that is in an ActiveCluster configuration can now be protected using ECX. Having another layer of backups within the ActiveCluster configuration adds another layer of protection for a user’s environment.

HPE Nimble Storage Replication

In the previous release of ECX, Nimble was added to the list of supported storage arrays. However, only snapshots were managed on the Nimble storage. With this release, ECX allows data to be replicated and managed between Nimble arrays, including:

  • Replicate application-aware snapshots between Nimble arrays to achieve full data protection.
  • Restore from either primary or replication array.

Global Preferences in the ECX UI

As ECX adds more and more features, there was a request by customers to allow for easier customization. The ease of customization is now achievable using the global preferences section of the UI. No need to run CLI commands to set preferences which can now all be set in the GUI. This menu of product customizations will expand with additional user requests.

Additional Enhancements in this Release

Catalogic ECX is a powerhouse when it comes to orchestrating data management for databases, fully supporting Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and InterSystems Caché databases running on virtual and physical servers.  Additional support added in this release includes:

  • SAP HANA Multitenant Database and SPS 05 support
    SAP HANA multitenant databases can now be backed up and restored using ECX. The latest version of SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 can also be protected in this version of ECX.
  • VMware vSphere 7.0 support
    Users running the latest VMware vSphere version can continue to use ECX to backup their VMs.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Always on Availability Groups and Failover Cluster support
    Users running clustered SQL Server 2019 environments can now backup those environments using snapshots managed by ECX.
  • InterSystems Caché 2018 support
    The latest version of InterSystems Caché is now supported in ECX 2.12 and ECX can be used To manage all the different copies of the latest Caché database version.

For More Information

To learn more about the new Catalogic ECX 2.12 release provides application-consistent copy automation for HPE Nimble and Pure Storage, please view this ECX webinar.  If you are attending Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021, please stop by our virtual booth and chat with us.


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If you’re not in the business of exploiting your own data then you’re falling behind your competition. Data is all around us more than ever in today’s digital age and to thrive you need to be getting the most from your data.

“Today, more than 5 billion consumers interact with data every day — by 2025, that number will be 6 billion, or 75% of the world’s population. In 2025, each connected person will have at least one data interaction every 18 seconds. Many of these interactions are because of the billions of IoT devices connected across the globe, which are expected to create over 90 ZB of data in 2025.”
Seagate —The Digitization of the World

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Every organization with a data footprint should have a data management practice defined. Many organizations when questioned simply don’t, or they do the bare minimum, such as buying more storage to house the data, but they don’t harvest the data. To get the most from your data a modern data management practice should be defined and continually updated.

With Catalogic ECX we can, with zero hardware, vastly modernize your data management and data mobility capabilities. ECX enables data management capabilities such as automated DevTest, comprehensive data protection, instant recovery, scheduled disaster recovery and offload to cloud. With LDAP integrated role-based access control, self-service too can be enabled for all these killer capabilities via a single pain of glass, enabling fresh and fast data copies to be delivered when and where the business needs it.

A common home for data is within databases due to the fact they can store a large number of records very efficiently and make the records easy to search, find and sort.

Catalogic ECX is a powerhouse when it comes to orchestrating data management for databases, fully supporting Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and InterSystems Caché databases running on virtual and physical servers.

We can deliver the following 5 key capabilities for enabling an effective, modern data management practice for databases:

  1. Database cloning in a flash
    Enabling fresh and fast copies of production data to be provisioned within minutes for DevTest, reporting, analytics, DR purposes and more.
    These databases can then be automatically refreshed as required.
  2. Complete copy data management
    Enabling the scheduled creation of snapshots, snapshot offload to Cloud storage or NFS targets, replicas and clones with SLA based retention policies associated with the schedules. This ensures copies are only stored as per the needs of the business to ensure RPOs can be met.
  3. Secure data masking
    ECX fully supports secure data masking meaning it can be used to obfuscate sensitive data. With ECX masked data copies can be created which can then be distributed to any number of users. Meaning a single masking operation can service the needs of multiple data consumers.
  4. Simplicity
    We have built ECX to ensure it is incredibly simple to deploy and configure. Copies created via ECX have a zero external hardware footprint required with no need for golden off box copies, ensuring we maximize your existing investment in your primary storage. ECX is fully agentless with zero agents involved, all application integration achieved via a dynamic injection of code without any pesky agents and the associated maintenance that comes with them!
  5. Maximum output
    With ECX you get the maximum output from your data sat within databases via harvesting the data and creating production performant copies for your needs in a flash. All this via a single HTML UI with granular role-based access control for self-service via your DBAs allowing you to control what data management functions inside ECX they can drive.As you can see ECX brings modern data management capabilities to database owners and infrastructure teams to enable effective data management practices for databases. Check out our Catalogic YouTube videos around ECX’s capabilities with databases.

    If you are keen to give these benefits a test drive upon your data let us know and we can happily assist with the setup of a proof of concept for free.

    The next question I hear you asking is how much does this cost? It’s surprisingly cost effective with prices starting as low as $450 a month per controller. We can run you a total cost of ownership calculation to show how much ECX could save your business. Please contact us if you want us to run a TCO analysis for you.

Thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about how you can enhance your business’s data management capabilities or discuss anything in relation to data management or ECX please do get in touch with us via


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During a past live webinar, industry analyst Randy Kerns from Evaluator Group presented “The Case for Copy Data Management” tools based on economics and automation, and Sathya Sankaran, COO of Catalogic Software, presented how Catalogic ECX fills this copy data management and automation gap and adds application awareness to Pure Storage.
The Case for Copy Data Management

As a senior industry analyst, Randy Kerns advises many IT end-user clients on data management architectures and solutions. During this webinar, Randy explains that the most prominent struggle he comes across with his clients is managing data, which he calls their “informational asset.” The struggle is that there is an abundance of data and without automation for managing that data, it becomes out of control very quickly and more difficult to manage.

One of the bigger factors in the past year is that there has been a larger focus from organizations on IT transformation and how to change their service delivery model. That has left the focus on managing data as a background initiative, yet it remains as a significant problem. A common initiative is to tier data to a different cost storage, including:

  • Use of object storage,
  • Automation for data movement, and
  • Change in data protection.

Ultimately, managing data comes down to economics. There is not enough time or people to continue to manage storage and data in the way that it’s been done in the past. If you can’t get more people or some type of automation around it, you have to do something differently. Starting to track where time is spent is important for organizations, given managing data is expensive time. It takes someone who really understands infrastructure, the applications, and the value of data to reduce expenses which is hard to come by.

Catalogic ECX is a solution to deliver data management with major economic benefits. Paired with Pure Storage, ECX enables customers to have an advanced data management solution with no additional hardware required given Pure Storage is the golden copy.

Looking at administration cost and how you can manage more with the same amount or fewer people is another focus for many organizations. Managing data at scale is overwhelming for administrators:

  • Economic issue for time required by administrators
  • Operation breaks at some point

The answer for IT Operations has been to utilize intelligent and effective automation to allow administrators to manage more data. Automating management of snapshot copies of data or Copy Data Management (CDM) has a high-value return. It allows you to automate creation and use of snapshots, clones, and replicas. By utilizing Pure Storage snapshot services, deduplication, and data compression, CDM solutions dramatically reduce IT time spent on copy management and the amount of data to further control copy costs. This removes a significant burden from administrators, enabling greater scaling and reduced risk.


How Catalogic ECX Fills the CDM Gap for Pure Storage

Next in the webinar Sathya Sankaran reviewed how Pure’s customers deploy Catalogic ECX for database and VMware snapshot orchestration, replication, cloning and offload to cloud.  ECX saves IT staff time and increases storage utilization on Pure FlashArrays to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Given the attendees included both Pure end-users and Pure sellers, Sathya summarized with a top 5 list for both, as follows.

The Top 5 reasons for Pure customers to use Catalogic ECX:

  • Delivers immediate, additional value from your Pure investment
  • Dramatically saves IT time managing copies including self-service access to reduce TCO
  • Meet business automation demands for Test/Dev, DevOps, DR testing, reporting & analytics,
  • Catalogs and manages all your snapshots, and orchestrates and automates data movement
  • Integrates with VMware, Oracle, SAP Hana, & Microsoft SQL Server

In addition, the Top 5 reasons Pure accounts teams and resellers to use Catalogic ECX:

  • Supports new business initiatives and use cases for clients
  • Reduces TCO – one tool for management and automation that supports all applications
  • Accelerates testing, deployment cycle, and time to value
  • Snaps on Pure Stay on Pure – no additional hardware required
  • Supports Pure pricing model and new Pure DR, cloud, and ransomware features

Webinar Polling Response

 During the webinar, we ask several polling questions of the audience, and this question on array offload target showed the increasing use of Pure FlashBlade as an offload target.

Catalogic is currently running a limited time promotion for Pure customers that provides a free offload target license for ECX for Pure FlashArray //C, FlashBlade, and Cloud Block Store. Contact us to learn more about this “License the Source Array and get the Target for FREE” promotion.


Webinar Q&A

 At the end of the webinar and time permitting, we address audience questions.

  1. How is Catalogic ECX licensed? – ECX is licensed by array type with “T-shirt sizes” so prices vary according to array size using a subscription model. As you can see with our free offload target program, we want you to license all of your managed arrays. Under the promotion, only the primary array is licensed, and the target arrays are available for free, and the standard process is once the array is licensed, all ECX features become available to you.
  2. How does recovery work for a database when restoring from a Pure FlashBlade? – ECX uses the snap to NFS capability so essentially all snaps to FlashBlade can be restored. When you run a restore, ECX checks for a local array copy if available, if not then it restores the data from your NFS target, the FlashBlade in this case. ECX orchestrates the movement leaving the data movement responsibility to the storage array. That allows ECX to use Pure’s compression to restore the minimum amount of data that is needed, if available.

Webinar Replay

If you missed the webinar with this great content on why you need copy data management and how it benefits Pure’s customers, please watch the recording here.  If your question didn’t get answered or you would like to ask Randy or Sathya additional questions or would like a copy of the presentation, please contact us by form or email.

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If you are having challenges with VMware and database snapshot orchestration for disaster recovery, dev/test, or data protection and recovery, Catalogic ECX is for you! Catalogic ECX for Pure Storage is Copy Data Management (CDM) software that provides application-consistent copy automation to manage snapshots, clones, and replicas via SLA policies. ECX dramatically reduces storage waste and IT time spent on copy management and serving business users by modernizing IT processes and enabling key CDM use cases. And compared to competing snapshot automation and orchestration solutions, Catalogic ECX does it with an in-place approach – your production copy is your golden masterwithout the need for additional hardware.
At a recent webinar, Ryan Kaw, the VP of Global Sales at Catalogic Software, reviewed the following customer success stories where Catalogic ECX solved copy data automation problems for Pure Storage FlashArray customers. 

Success Story – Railcar Pooling Co.

Rail Pooling Co. is a provider of railcars and related freight car management services in North America. The challenges they faced were data protection and recovery for large SQL databases and database provisioning for real time reporting and analytics purposes. Catalogic ECX resolved their problem by providing recovery from snapshots on primary or replicated storage - using a backup solution or an appliance-based vendor was not an option. ECX also simplified and automated the backup, recovery, and database cloning using Pure Snapshots. Railcar Pooling Co. was now able to spin up high performing databases on primary storage to be used for reporting and analytics effortlessly. The company was also capable of automating and managing more database copies with increasing storage utilization on Pure.

Success Story – Auto Finance Co.

Auto Finance Co. provides automobile loans and other related financial products. The challenges they faced were storage orchestration and automated provisioning of database and VM from Pure Storage snapshots on primary and replicated storage. Catalogic ECX copy data management solution simplified storage management workloads from Oracle application and VM centric view. ECX was able to spin up both databases and VMs from snapshots and allow self-service for uses through their ticketing system. This greatly simplified their effort to spin up/down required database copies. Users were now able to submit a ticket and have the databases provisioned by deploying an ECX workflow via REST APIs, without human intervention.

Success Story – Service Company

This international service company specialized in customer experience and business process outsourcing with more than 50,000 employees. The challenges they faced were managing contact centers for major businesses needs to ensure that customer data was protected and easily recoverable. The company understood the horsepower of Pure FlashArrays and wanted a software solution to perform disaster recovery orchestration for VM workloads. Catalogic ECX and Pure Storage resolved their problem by enabling them to automate and simplify the disaster recovery process and enable users to perform actions themselves like backup and restoring VMs from snapshots.
Our customers have found that Catalogic ECX can deliver a dramatic 3-year ROI of up to 300%ECX is a software only solution that:

  • works with your existing storage infrastructure across your entire enterprise and clouds.
  • manages the full lifecycle of copy data (Plan, Create, Manage, Leverage, and EOL), without the need for scripting.
  • provides automation, orchestration, and self-service capabilities for key business processes (DR, DevTest, DevOps, and analytics).

Want to learn more about how Pure Storage customers solved problems and saved money with Catalogic ECX and how to increase wallet share through Catalogic’s promotion for FlashArray //C and FlashBlade? Feel free to

contact us for a demo or to ask a question.


Did you miss the Catalogic ECX webinar on Pure Storage customer success stories? Don’t worry, you can view a recording of it here.

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Here at Catalogic Software we won’t settle for second place; winning is part of our DNA.

However winning is something that isn’t done by simply putting the fastest engine on the grid or fastest storage device in your datacentre. You need to ensure you have the complete package. In Formula One there are 3 core components to a championship winning car:

  1.  The Engine
  2. The Aerodynamics &
  3. Reliability

All 3 of these areas are critical to the success or failure of a team. You could have the fastest engine in the world but with poor aerodynamics or reliability you will never win a race or championship. Something the Arrows A22 driven via Jos Verstappen pictured below definitely never managed! The third aero wing was quickly banned by the FIA after Arrows’ attempt to use it in practice around Monaco.

If you look deeper into the history of F1 you will find a whole host of banned aerodynamic developments as the designers always try to bend the boundaries and rules to deliver a competitive advantage and ultimately reduce lap times.

In the current day and age aerodynamics are arguably the most important factor in Formula One car performance. It has become the key to performance gain due to the often very marginal gains that can currently be made by engine changes or other mechanic component development.

Switching lanes back into the datacentre in here you again have 3 core components for a winning storage setup:

  1. The Storage, a.k.a. the Engine
  2. The Management, Orchestration and Automation, a.k.a. the Aerodynamics &
  3. Reliability

Here the management, orchestration and automation (the aerodynamics) are in my opinion the most important factor in having a winning storage setup.

This is because most storage vendors can deliver the speeds, feeds and data functions needed to run data as quickly as possible. However, lightning fast storage doesn’t mean optimal performance and utilisation. The management, orchestration and automation tools are what enable IT teams to deliver optimal data performance and utilisation.

This is the exact reason all Pure Storage customers need Catalogic ECX to enable a winning storage setup. Pure storage is a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant, and therefore undoubtedly have the engine capabilities. With Catalogic ECX you can enable optimal utilisation of Pure Storage environments. We deliver an efficient architecture to enable effective management, orchestration and automation within the Storage environment. Some of the key game changing benefits we deliver are:

  • A centralised catalog of all IT storage objects such as arrays, volumes, snapshots, virtual machines, datastores, databases, and file systems. Meaning these can be reported on as needed and the inventories are dynamically updated, so you always have a clear picture of your storage environment.
  • Self-service role-based access control. Meaning business departments can report upon, create and consume copies of their data as needed. This results in fresher and faster secondary copies being available for DevOps, testing, development, reporting, analytics and disaster recovery.
  • Abstraction of the underlying infrastructure enabling copies to be scheduled for both secondary copy creation, offload to alternate arrays for longer term retention if wanted and recovery.
  • A proven enterprise solution that can deliver instant access to portable secondary copies of large databases, virtual machines and file systems.
  • A dramatic reduction in storage waste and IT spent on copy data management and servicing business users.

All these benefits are delivered with zero storage footprint as Catalogic ECX is deployable as a software only solution running as a virtual appliance that utilizes Pure’s REST APIs. All these game changing benefits leverage the existing awesome Pure Storage functionality with no need for a golden copy on an alternate storage array like our competitors.  

With Catalogic ECX suddenly you go from having a fast engine (or storage environment) with lots of potential to having the complete championship winning package in partnership with Pure Storage.

Utilising these benefits can dramatically cut time to create data copies, speed up and increase development quality and reduce time to market – getting you round the corners quicker to beat the competition.

Lewis Hamilton in the championship winning Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance #Winning

Since 2015 Pure Storage have had a very close relationship with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. The customer story on the improvements Pure Storage has made for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport including significant performance gains to reduce key database queries by 95%, reducing rack space required by 68% and reducing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications runtimes by up to 15% is well worth a read here

I know I mentioned this in my last blog but worth re-iterating, we currently have a special array offload offer for Pure FlashArray //C, Cloud Block Store and FlashBlade when you license EXC for the source array you get the target license for FREE.

Meaning a free UNLIMITED CAPACITY ECX license for FlashArray //C, FlashBlade and Cloud Block Store with any ECX License purchase for Pure Storage FlashArray.

As always thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about Catalogic ECX, the current offload promo or simply just have a chat about Formula One please do get in touch with me via Roll on Bahrain in March!

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Here at Catalogic software we love to make architects, administrators, developers and managers lives simpler.
We know storage management can be a pain and more often than not the investment made in the storage isn’t being fully utilised because you can’t consume all of the cool features and functions without one of the team creating some complex scripts to get the most out of it.
That’s the reason we believe all organisations running Pure Storage should have Catalogic ECX for snapshot automation and orchestration.
The core focus for us with ECX is delivering a simple and efficient architecture to enable snapshot automation and orchestration.
We do that for Pure Storage via integrating using the Pure Storage Rest API. This means you get all the goodness of Pure’s snapshot engine and we simply act as the brain cataloging the metadata, orchestrating the snapshots and enabling the instant recoveries back onto the FlashArrays.
We do not store data on a separate dedicted proprietary storage appliance like some vendors do in this space. We disagree with this approach as we are software defined and requiring a separate dedicted proprietary storage appliance increases timescales to move data, increases complexity in terms of architecture and needs a bigger budget for additional external storage arrays and the cost to implement and manage these.
With Catalogic ECX we deliver the following 5 key benefits for Pure Flash arrays:

  1. Software only Copy Data Management capabilities that deliver additional value from your Pure investment that is deployed in minutes
  2. Integration with leading hypervisors and applications such as VMware, Oracle, SAP HANA and SQL to provide data owners with instant data access
  3. Instant data copies for value use cases such as Test/Dev, DR testing, Reporting, DevOps, Analytics and Patching
  4. Increased ROI from Pure storage platform
  5. Orchestration and automation of data between Pure devices – FlashArray, Cloud Block Store and FlashBlade

Whilst primary copy data management on Pure Flash Ahhhhhrays (sorry I will stop it now 😊) is our bread and butter we also have some strong use cases and benefits around offloading to FlashArray//C, Cloud Block Store and FlashBlade.
Let’s take a look at those in a bit more detail here.

Offload to FlashArray//C with ECX

Offload to Cloud Block Store with ECX

Offload to Cloud Block Store with ECX

Pretty neat eh! But wait here’s the best bit ….


We currently have a special offer running where for FlashArray//C, Cloud Block Store and FlashBlade when you license the source you get the target for FREE. Meaning a free UNLIMITED CAPACITY ECX license for for FlashArray//C, FlashBlade and Cloud Block Store with any ECX License purchase for Pure Storage FlashArrays. This promotion is currently active until the 30th April 2021.


On a different note Pure Storage made some very cool enhancements to Purity for FlashBlade in 2020 one of the game changers for me being the addition of SafeMode snapshots that enables write protection of snapshots until their expiration date.

This assists in ensuring snapshots are protected from ransomware and mitigates risk when using Pure FlashBlade systems. Sadly ransomware is an ever growing challenge for IT departments and all teams should ensure they have a multi-layered approach to defence and the addition of SafeMode snapshots from Pure Storage is a key layer to ensuring your data sat within snapshots are protected from ransomware. The good news is Catalogic ECX will soon support orchestrating SafeMode snapshots and Catalogic to ensure your snapshots are safeguarded. Thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about any of the topics discussed in this blogpost how you can use please do get in touch with me via Until the next time stay safe and take care everyone.

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2021 is going to be a key year for many businesses attempting to recover from the tremendous impact COVID-19, political shifts and more had last year. I don’t think many of us will look back on 2020 fondly and hopefully humanity can rise and work together to get us back to normality…. or even better than before.


One of the key realisations of 2020 was that businesses that quickly shift to accommodate unexpected changes can continue to operate and even excel despite the unexpected and often challenging circumstances.


A lot of organisations had previously feared a negative productivity impact if most, or all of their employees worked from home, and had therefore never tried it. However, for most organisations this shift proved to be a success, with employees not spending unnecessary time, money and energy traveling. This has often resulted in employees having more time to focus in the comfort of their own home and for many a better work/life balance. I still do miss a trip out at the moment though just for the comradery, face-to-face interaction and knowledge sharing.


Looking back on 2020, we had a very successful year here at Catalogic. One of the key reasons for this success is that we have the ability to quickly pivot and work in an agile manner, meaning we discuss customers’ requirements and develop solutions to deliver against them – solutions which are often specific and complex.


A key talking point many customers came to us with in 2020 was around how we can improve data visibility, management and orchestration.


Sound interesting? Let me talk to you about how we can enable you to have visibility in your environment via Catalogic ECX.


In every active environment data continues to grow. Data growth often causes a major data headache for IT administrators. The reason for this is growth results in more and more information and often it gets to a point where understanding what data sits where is a nearly impossible task.

Step forward Catalogic ECX.

With Catalogic ECX we can provide data visibility, management control and orchestration of NetApp, IBM Storage, Pure Storage, HPE Nimble, VMware vSphere, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA and InterSystems Caché environments.

Because we inventorise all key data within these types of storage, hypervisors, virtual machines, physical servers and databases we can provide the ability for IT administrators to better navigate their environment. Think of it like a Sat-Nav that tells us where we would like to go (ECX tells us what resources you want to see to show the associated applications, servers and storage)

To put this into context a large NetApp customer with over 300 filers, billions of objects and thousands of snapshots, vaults and mirrors came to us with their data headache.


They simply wanted the ability to map their VM storage all the way back to a source storage volume and show the associated Snapshots, SnapMirrors and SnapVaults. They couldn’t find a way to easily do this and had chewed through a lot of paracetamol already! After understanding their requirement we quickly went away and built the customer a custom VM and Storage mapping report in Catalogic ECX.

Below is an example of the VM and Storage Mapping report showing:

  • Virtual machine > Disk(s) (VMDK(s)) > Datastore(s) path containing VMDK(s) > Netapp LUN(s) providing datastore(s) > Netapp Volume(s) providing LUN(s) > Is NetApp SnapMirror in use and replication destination > Is NetApp SnapVault in use and vault destination.

All this data is being updated daily via inventories. The report can be scheduled to run and also called via the ECX API.

Providing this information resulted in a vastly lower management overhead in terms of clear visibility, ability to find data, recover data and better manage the storage, virtual and data protection environments. Like a Sat-Nav for their environment!

If you’re interested in setting your 2021 destination to enhanced data visibility, management and orchestration please get in contact me via

Or you can request a demo or trial of any of our solutions here

Thanks for reading and stay safe, I look forward to a beverage with you all in the near future.

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The time has finally come. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your most recent content piece, and it’s ready to be packaged up and sent to the client to be pushed live. After a few final checks and only…

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The time has finally come. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your most recent content piece, and it’s ready to be packaged up and sent to the client to be pushed live. After a few final checks and only…

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