Catalogic ECX Launched on IBM Bluemix Website!

Catalogic 07/06/2016 0 Comments

Well yes, exactly! And that’s just why the combination is so powerful: ECX helps you get your enterprise, system-of-record data into the cloud so that you can act upon it with Bluemix-based applications. And ECX coordinates everything from replicating the data to connecting it to Bluemix apps.

To put it succinctly, ECX allows developers to spin up a copy of their entire application efficiently by using a REST API, eliminating the need to make a request to infrastructure administrators. As we know, those kinds of IT requests take days if you’re lucky and weeks if things are running at normal speed. But with ECX you can go from request to powered on infrastructure in minutes, and do it all via self-service.

Developers can use ECX to spin up a sandbox environment (application, compute, network) that is an exact replica of the production environment, including the system-of-record data. Very neat stuff.

Want to see it in action? This three-minute video will show you how Bluemix and ECX operate together.

Another benefit of ECX is that it can help accelerate development and test by allowing you to test against the latest production data. Typically, code changes or database schema changes are only tested on new systems that do not have the latest production data or environment. But if you can test against the latest production environment copy, you can find more bugs before code is deployed in production. Also, developers can reproduce issues that are only reproducible with production data. Without ECX, it could take days or weeks for a production copy sandbox to be created, making it much less likely that tests will run against production data.

For more information about all of this, check out our new DevOps solution page, which has links to more videos and various papers that will provide you more details.

In addition, on Wednesday, August 3, we conducted a webinar about Bluemix and Catalogic featuring guest speaker Christopher Lazzaro, lead architect of the Bluemix Garage Method. If anybody knows the ins and outs of Bluemix, it’s Christopher.

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