Our Thanks to NetApp Insight Attendees Who Helped Donate $2019 to the Three Square Food Bank

NetApp Insight 2019 was an exciting and information-packed event. We’d like to thank NetApp for being excellent hosts. And mostly, we’d like to thank those of you that participated in our No More Swag campaign. With your help, instead of giving away tradeshow swag, we’re donating $2,019 dollars to Three Square, a Southern Nevada food bank. We had 673 visitors (including attendees at our breakout) and at a promised $3 donation for each it just happened to match the calendar year!

Image: Some of the Catalogic team members at our booth at NetApp Insight 2019.

Some of the Catalogic team members at our booth at NetApp Insight 2019.

For each dollar donated, Three Square can provide three meals. So instead of taking home another squeeze ball to throw away, your support will provide 6,057 meals to needy people. That ought to feel better than just another squeeze ball!

Insight really is a great place to meet folks from across the NetApp eco-system: end-users, reseller partners and NetApp employees themselves. We met with many from each group and conversations ranged across a wide scope of topics.

  • How to combat ransomware on NetApp file storage
  • How to gather a full, meta-data index of NetApp files for easy search and restore
  • Saving lots of money by switching your NDMP backup solution to Catalogic DPX (and getting tiering-to-cloud in the bargain)
  • Easily migrating your OSSV backups to a solution that supports the latest ONTAP and operating system releases, and doesn’t change your backup architecture

We also had a great turnout for our breakout session, with about 100 people in the room. The session covered ransomware protection, file index and catalog as well as file data analytics. I guess we did a good job because we had a 4.76/5.00 rating for the session!  Some of the comments we received:

  • “Nice tools and would love to have them in my environment.”
  • “All relevant topics. Data analytics is lacking with native tools. Alternative to traditional Ndmp backup is needed. And file auditing is a requirement for my organization. Nice that all these are covered within this solution.”
  • “Good choice of topics, good delivery as well. I want a PoC.”

Speaking of a Proof of Concept, we’re happy to oblige anyone who wants to test out any of our NetApp solutions.  Just fill out our trial download form and we’ll get you software to try for 30 days. If you’d like to see a demo first, fill out the demo request.

That wraps up Insight 2019. Thanks again to those who helped us make a donation to the Three Square food bank, and we’ll see everyone next year!

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Latest vProtect Release Adds OpenStack support, Updates for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VMs, plus more!

The latest update of vProtect brings new features to the Nebula release, first announced in April of this year. The new code drop, v 3.8.1, is available immediately and has a lot of nice additions.

The big-ticket item is the first vProtect support for OpenStack. It comes with both full and incremental backup support, plus file-level restores. This release works with KVM virtual machines using QCOW2 disks.

Users of Oracle Virtualization now have the option to exclude individual disks from VM backup. This seemingly simple feature can be a huge help in backup environments since it lets you skip backing up a lot of data you don’t really need.

If you’re using Red Hat Virtualization or oVirt, vProtect now adds a third backup method. Using direct SSH transfer from the hypervisor, vProtect backups are now significantly faster.

Add in a bunch of UI improvements and you’ve got another great release from the folks at Storware. These guys have really taken the lead on backup for open system hypervisors.

You can get the full list of supported hypervisors on the vProtect product page, along with links to data sheets, demo videos, etc.

The best way to check out vProtect is to try it for yourself. We’ve got a free 30-day trial copy you can take for a test drive. Or, if you prefer a more detailed look before you test it, sign up for an on-line demo with one of our technical experts and we’ll walk you through the software, allowing you to discuss how you would want it to work in your environment.

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