Show Your Appreciation to All SysAdmins Today and Everyday

Great work to all the System Administrators in the world! These hard working, dedicated men and women play a huge role in all our lives. From our desks to our home offices, they are the backbone of the technology that integrates into our daily routines. They jump in when needed and often necessary, will work 24-hour days and thru the weekend to troubleshoot outages, increase capacity, fight ransomware, or answer questions from us. One of their major responsibilities is to make sure they have a data protection insurance policy if data is lost, a final backstop to protect our business data, our system configurations, and our corporate histories.

We’d like to take the time now to show our appreciation to all System Administrators, from our team to yours!

For Catalogic Software, we would like to thank our IT Manager, Dawuan Myers, for continuous help on all ends of our business. Please check out Dawuan’s Q&A and learn from his experiences:


Dawuan Myers – Q&A

  1. What keeps you up at night?
    Not what many will say. Being part of a backup company where I know I have robust recovery processes and products allows me to sleep pretty well at night.

    These days, my nightmares often have to do with waking up to a $100k cloud bill from a runaway workload or a code change deployment. It has happened once before and hopefully never again!

  2. What do you see as the biggest emerging threat?
    People taking advantage of your weaknesses is a profession. Recent Ransomware and cybersecurity trends are maddening, and it’s hard to fathom that there is an industry built to make your life miserable. The thought of going through a major attack over a long weekend when I am looking forward to spending time with family is just sickening to me.
  3. What would be your advice to management to make a sysadmin’s job easier?
    Our management team has been great and incredibly supportive. They allow us to keep our systems up to date with patches which helps us fight any known cyber threats before reaching our network. If I had to give any advice; it would be to continue to be supportive and patch your systems.
  4. What would be your request to your users that would make your job easier?
    Be safe and continue to communicate.

    With all that is going on with malware and ransomware threats, I always advise our users to take a safe approach and communicate anything that looks suspicious. Being proactive is always better than being reactive.

  5. What would you want to do more of? Or learn more of?

    The Linux OS is something I would like to continue to learn more about. Coming into Catalogic Software 7 years ago with a Windows OS background, I needed to learn Linux OS and commands quickly. We do have a mixed environment, however a lot of what we do is based around Linux. I would like to take the next step up from being an Intermediate Linux administrator.

  6. We know you just got promoted to be an IT Manager. Congratulations! What are you most looking forward to, in your new role?
    Thanks! I look forward to continuing to improve our network and help support and manage the cloud infrastructure costs for CloudCasa, our new cloud native, Kubernetes backup-as-a-service.

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Catalogic Features ECX and CloudCasa at Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021

Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021 kicked off on May 12-13 as a multi-week event focused on how to accelerate business transformation through a “Modern Data Experience.” The online event venue has a superheroes theme where the various leaders and experts are cast as real-world superheroes as they share key insights, best practices and more throughout the event.


Pure//Accelerate is a 5-week digital event filled with live sessions, on-demand sessions, and offers an opportunity for attendees to win swag by earning points. Points are earned during the event by attending different live and on-demand sessions to redeem swag, including sweatshirts, gift cards, hats, backpacks, a raffle to win a Peloton, and much more!

Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021
As an event sponsor, Catalogic Software offers an on-demand session – Snapshot Automation and Orchestration for App, VM, and Cloud Workloads on Pure – focusing on Catalogic ECX and CloudCasa. View this on-demand session and receive 5,000 points for swag!  We also offer a prerecorded Catalogic ECX demo which you can find on our sponsor showcase, as well as three brochures which offers more information about Catalogic ECX for Pure Storage, how to deploy ECX for Oracle on Pure, and CloudCasa.


Catalogic ECX for Pure Storage provides application-consistent copy automation to manage snapshots, clones, and replicas via SLA policies. ECX dramatically reduces storage waste and IT time spent on copy management and serving business users by modernizing IT processes and enabling key use cases, and does it all without additional hardware.

CloudCasa, a Catalogic Venture, is a scalable and inexpensive backup service for Kubernetes and cloud databases. As a SaaS solution, CloudCasa removes the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing the same level of application-consistent data protection and disaster recovery that more traditional backup solutions provide for server-based applications. With CloudCasa, your IT department doesn’t need to be Kubernetes experts and your DevOps team doesn’t need to be storage or data protection experts in order to protect your Kubernetes clusters and applications. It was built as a cloud native service to support best practices for data protection and recovery for cloud native applications, and to bridge the data management and protection gap between DevOps and IT Operations.


Catalogic has a raffle for a $200 gift card for anyone that visits our sponsor hub page is automatically entered into. If you can’t attend Pure//Accelerate you can still register and enter for a chance to win the $200 gift card. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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