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Copy Data Management Solution Sheet


Compliance, Copy Data Management, Data Reduction
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    Catalogic Software
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    May 2013

IT departments are drowning in too many data copies

Learn how Catalogic tackles the Copy Data Management dilemma

According to analyst firm IDC, redundant copies of data waste significant resources, with 60% of stored data composed of copies of production data. The Copy Data Management dilemma is created by multiple silos of data protection functions – including backup, DR and business continuity – as well as the demands of many data consumers within an organization, such as test/development, reporting, search, compliance and analytics.

Catalogic DPX provides a cost efficient and highly effective Copy Data Management solution for any mix of primary storage resources. DPX handles data growth challenges by centralizing all data protection operations onto a single platform and using the same storage to serve other data consumers. Not only does DPX let you meet the most stringent data recovery SLA requirements, it does so while offering significant storage savings.