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Bare Metal Recovery Solution Sheet


Bare Metal Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Rapid Recovery
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    Catalogic Software
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  • published:

    June 2013

Physical servers still run over 50% of workloads

Rapid Bare Metal Recovery from server failure remains critical

While server virtualization has grown dramatically in the past several years, about 50% of all workloads still run on physical systems. These systems need to be protected, and when hardware fails they need to be rebuilt as quickly as possible.

Catalogic DPX takes into account the full protection and recovery process and simplifies Bare Metal Recovery operations at every step of the way. This solution sheet provides a detailed description of how Catalogic Bare Metal Recovery is both easy to use and faster than conventional bare metal restore solutions. It also provides a comparison between Catalogic Bare Metal Recovery and the process used by a well known data protection vendor. The differences are eye opening!