Intelligent Data Protection Management with Catalogic NSB and DPX

Catalogic NSB modernizes data protection through highly efficient cataloging, snapshot and replication technology. With built-in integration with VMware, Microsoft and Oracle applications, dramatically faster backup and recovery operations keep your business running.

Challenged by data growth and virtualization, legacy backup solutions are failing to keep pace. By joining together Catalogic DPX software with NetApp high-efficiency storage, the NSB solution modernizes data protection through innovative technology that reduces backup time and recovers data within minutes. NSB dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with data protection across your enterprise.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Catalogic DPX software and the NSB data protection solution offer broad platform compatibility with your network’s hardware, applications and databases.

For specific compatibility information, see the Catalogic DPX/NSB Compatibility Guide: View the Compatibility Guide »

Catalogic DPX product as part of NSB is a certified solution for both Data ONTAP and cDOT / Clustered ONTAP.  View NDMP Certification Reference »

System Requirements

  Master Server or Device Server Client Reporter Server
Memory 4 GB minimum
8 GB recommended
2 GB minimum
4 GB recommended for Enterprise Applications
2 GB minimum
4 GB recommended
Processor 1 core minimum
2 cores recommended
1 core minimum 1 core minimum
2 cores recommended
Architecture x64 required Please refer to the latest Compatibility Guide above x64 or x86 required
Disk Space 3 GB minimum free space on system drive for installation

100 GB minimum for catalog storage (direct attached or SAN based)
3 GB minimum free space on system drive for installation* 50 GB minimum
Operating System Please refer to the latest Compatibility Guide above Please refer to the latest Compatibility Guide above Windows 2003/2008 (x64 & x86)
* For Windows Clients with limited disk space, a client-only installer is available, which requires only 1.2GB temporary free space on the system drive. For details and restrictions, see the DPX Installation Guide.

The above recommended configuration can support an enterprise with up to 300 clients, while larger enterprises can be accommodated by introducing additional master servers. NSB performance is dependent on backup job configuration and scheduling. The above recommended configuration is able to support approximately 25 concurrent jobs, with each job backing up one client. The master server may be virtualized; however, the required resources as specified above must be reserved for the virtual machines serving in this capacity. Please consult your vendor (i.e. VMware, Microsoft) to review supportability of tape library or tape drives by the guest OS where you planning to install the master server (note: fiber channel tape devices are not supported by ESX Server).

Since backup and restore performance is greatly dependent on disk and network I/O, choice of storage subsystems, network infrastructure components, as well as applicable configuration parameters for each will determine actual performance within specific IT environments.