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"We can mount server backups in a virtualized environment, making them accessible within 20 minutes or less. So, if a server becomes partially or completely inaccessible, Catalogic mitigates the outage by providing a virtualized copy of the server in a fraction of the time it would take to restore from disk or tape. This is unlike anything any other competitor could provide."

    — Juan Granados, Director of Information Technology, Campbell Alliance
“Catalogic and NetApp were ideal for our environment and we’re delighted with the solution. It provides superior performance for managing backups to both tape and disk.”

                                                           — Franck Laudet, IT Director, Cogedim
“The solution is extremely flexible, thanks to its scalability and the easy integration of heterogeneous server environments. As a result we can cost-effectively integrate further sites at times chosen by our engineers, which reduces the impact of the transitions.”

                — Thomas Beinhölzl, Director of IT Systems, Hoffmann Group
"Now we have the capability to recover a virtual machine immediately from a single backup, which means that in the event of a failure, our employees can be back to work within half an hour at the most. With other solutions we would have had to copy back the entire data stream which would take about a day, not just 30 minutes."

    — Lars Lorenzen, Head of IT, Kroenert
“We were surprised at how user-friendly NSB is and how quickly and easily we can back up additional servers at any time, thanks to the seamless support for NetApp and VMware environments.”

           — Rainer Schöpp, Administrator at Orion Versand GmbH & Co. KG
"Some of the benefits we’ve experienced are reduced backup times, reduced commitment from 35 hours weekly to less than 4 hours, and overall we have a better peace of mind and a reliable recovery and backup solution."

– Daniel Mayo, Sr. Network Administrator, Panda Restaurant Group
“Without question, NSB is a lot faster than our previous solution. Before, we were doing a full backup every day. But Catalogic just captures the deltas, so our average backup time decreased from six hours to just 1 hour— one-sixth of the time previously required.”

           — Dan Nichols, Chief Technology Officer, Sleek Networks
“We have faster backup windows and it’s easier to manage backup jobs, retention periods, and retention policies — all from one application. The reliability of our backups has dramatically increased as well.”

        — Lelia Howard, Director of Technology, Bryn Athyn College
 “The technology features just won us over. There were additional license management benefits, as the solution builds on our existing NetApp infrastructure.”

                                                                          — Niels Jörn, CIO, UFA
“Have not seen a better or more dedicated support team. They performed their job flawlessly and gave excellent support.”

— Samantha Innocent, Senior Service and Storage Engineer, University of Derby

"We’re able to back up our data every night in about 30 minutes. Our weeklies take about 90 minutes – not 48 hours or more…DPX is much faster and more flexible than our previous solution."

    — Eric Warne, System Administrator II, Peak Vista
"When I do a restore — and I’ve done several — NSB has performed excellently. I put in a CD or DVD and can do a bare-metal restore. And in a few minutes, it’s running fully. That’s saved us a lot of time."

    — Gonzalo Rodriguez, Infrastructure Analyst, AvMed Health Plans
"The solution was not only flexible, but also highly cost-effective for us, especially since we were already using NetApp hardware. We can now once again guarantee data backup and recovery for all our sites."

    — Rolf Tittmann, Head of Information Systems/Organisation, HKL
"Because Catalogic’s deduplication achieves better than-average compression, our backups take up less storage space on our NetApp systems, which in turn reduces the need for capital investment."

    — Holger Czelk, Team Leader at the IT Service Center, University of Lübeck

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“Without question, NSB is a lot faster than our previous solution. Before, we were doing a full backup every day. But Catalogic just captures the deltas, so our average backup time decreased from six hours to just 1 hour -- one-sixth of the time previously required.”

“The amount of troubleshooting required is far less today. And, our calculations show a five year total cost of ownership that is much lower than our previous solution.”